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With a ribbed midsection, flanged arrowhead tail, 3D eyes, angled pectoral fin, and curved body, our Warbird will soon be known as thepreferredfluke styled bait on the market. With all of it attributes put together, the diving and darting action the Warbird displays will have even the most stubborn Bass swimming in for a taste! When cashing checks is your goal, lean on the bait that has the erraticness of a WW2 Warbird dipping and dodging enemy firepower!


Texas RigDonkey RigNeko RigDamiki RigSwim JigDrop Shot

Quantity: 4in a Pack (5.5) / 5 in a pack (4)

Size: 5.5

Plastic Firmness:III (I-IV)

Scent: Napalm (Craw/Squid)