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Pine Creek Outdoors Supply

HS True Talker Combo

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Bring in bucks like never before. The HSS® True Talker OG Deer Call produces realistic sounds that big bucks can't resist. New and improved hardwood balanced reed system allows you to vary not only the pitch and tone or your call, but the volume, rhythm and inflection as well. Easily produce mature and young buck grunts, doe and fawn bleats, and even an aggressive growl that brings bucks running. And the best part? It comes paired with the HSS Ruttin' Buck Rattle Bag that mimics the sound of battling bucks during rut.

True Talker OG Deer Call:
  • Soft rubber exterior and rubber sleeve
  • Bellow/grunt tube produces realistic sounds
  • Produces 5 realistic deer vocalizations: mature and young buck grunt, doe and fawn bleat, and aggressive buck growl
  • Finger tip control for ease of use
  • Lanyard for easy carrying
Ruttin' Buck Rattle Bag:
  • Tuned hardwood rod reproduces battling buck sounds
  • Durable bag for easy transport
  • Silencer strap helps keep things quiet in the field
  • Lanyard for easy carrying