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Hunter's Specialties

Hunter's Specialties Natural Pine Wafers

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If you’re hunting in or around a wooded area that’s filled with pine trees, blend right in to fool a deer’s nose using Hunters Specialties® Natural Pine Scent Wafers. Perfect for masking your human odors, these scent wafers come three to a pack and can be hung on your clothing or around your hunting area for maximum concealment. The Hunters Specialties® Natural Pine Scent Wafters will not spill, freeze, or wash away and can be revitalized after use using the re-sealable container.


  • Natural Pine Scent Wafers – 3 Pack
  • Perfect for masking human scent while hunting in areas with pine trees
  • Will not spill, freeze, or be washed away while in use
  • Re-chargeable for multiple uses by simply placing back into the re-sealable container
  • Includes 3 wafers per package